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To increase its level of visibility, Romanian Journal of Cardiology, with the full support of a dedicated team of medical authors and translators, has been publishing all the articles in English version beginning with last years second issue. In AugustRomanian Journal of Cardiology, applied for the worlds leading provider of science and health information, the Elsevier database.

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At present, the indexing process has successfully ended. Romanian Journal of Cardiology Vol. Article accepted on the 6th of March Abstract: Background The quality of physicians private lives is responsible for maintaining an optimal quality level of their professional lives.

„STUDII DE ŞTIINŢĂ ŞI CULTURĂ”, XVI, Nr. 3, septembrie 2020

Method Members of Romanian Society of Cardiology RSC were invited to respond to a confidential on-line questionnaire available over a 30 day period. Results A group of cardiologists participated: age Qualityof-live happiness-degree and health self-rating were scaled 1 most pessimistic evaluation to 5 most optimistic evaluation.

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The average scores were 3. As far as the quality-of-life was concerned, men scored higher than women 3.

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Conclusions 1. Cardiologists least happy are young, single, had previously worked abroad, do not work in the academic environment, have less than 21 paid vacation days synergy pierdere în greutate florența sc year, do not own personal households, and are pierde greutatea zboară interventional cardiologists, nor emergency cardiology physicians. These data can be a milestone for the education of Romanian cardiologists in cardiovascular disease prevention offering an initial reference point for rating their further outcome.

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These data can also be used by the RSC among arguments of improving Romanian cardiologists quality-of-life in front of decision makers of the national health system. Quality-of-life evaluations measure the dependency between living conditions and individual perceptions, states of mind, satisfaction or lack of it, happiness or frustration2,3. Considering the major impact that private life has over the professional one, the quality of physicians private lives is more and more subject to such evaluations.

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Popa, Sf. Aims The aim of present survey was to evaluate the qualityof-life of Romanian cardiologists by means of a questionnaire allowing them to self-rate degrees of private life happiness and health.

Petris et al. The American questionnaire was published in January and contains answers provided by physicians representing 25 medical fields, of the respondents being cardiologists.

They are the result of membership, accession with conditional membershipand of the neighbourhood policy. The latest integrationrelates to countries that dont have a prospect for the EU membership in the near future; this integration, precisely the EU relations with Eastern Partnership countries Armenia, Azerbajian, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova,and Ukraine is the topic of the article. The results of the implementation of the European neighbourhood policy since and of the regional component of the policy the European Partnership since have been very moderate.

In spite of our persistent efforts, we were unable to identify other similar evaluations thus data filled in by Romanian cardiologists were compared exclusively to data synergy pierdere în greutate florența sc the American survey. The list of questions is available in Table 1.

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Members of Romanian Society of Cardiology were asked to answer the questionnaire between September 1st and 30th, and a single recall was Romanian Journal of Cardiology Vol. Preliminary data were communicated at the Cardiovascular prevention: a national emergency Session of the National Congress of Cardiology October 4th-6th, Ethical considerations: The questionnaire was confidential; a format enabling respondents to fill in their answers under protection of anonymity was used docs. Moreover, Romanian Society of Cardiology transmitted an official commitment to confidentiality to all its members.

Legal provisions in the field - Law No.

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